Saturday, January 13, 2018

Things I'll need to remember while my husband is gone

My google maps is set, my phone is synced, it takes a bit of rummaging to turn off the hazard lights, but I pull out into the blackness of the early winter evening and I know I'll be fine. I've already blinked back the two tears that threatened to spill over and swallowed the tight throat away and I remind myself, "I am a strong, capable woman!"

I was. I am. After all, I change all the lightbulbs and spackle the holes and have a fondness for all things Home Depot, even if I do ask for help. I run my own business, create my own spreadsheets, fear no small noises in the middle of the night. I am the major contributor to our family income while my husband gets his masters, for crying out loud. But twenty years of marriage has worn comfortable patterns in the carpet of my life and even a two week stint apart from my husband disturbs the roles to which I've become accustomed. 

I try to remember the things I'll need to remember. 
  1. Don't stay up past 10 to watch chick flicks to avoid the inevitable: a king bed half of which will remain cold.
  2. Lock all the doors before bed.
  3. Set out trash on Tuesday mornings.
  4. Turn the fan on BEFORE crawling into bed, getting all comfy and realizing it’s quieter than normal. 
  5. Ask teens for work schedules to determine who can give the youngest rides home from play practice instead of winging it. 
  6. Change alarm to be later than normal because there will be no one to share coffee with, but early enough to make myself coffee.
  7. Make a list of books to finish to help avoid the black hole of Netflix.
  8. Treat the hot tub. 
  9. Call girlfriends for coffee and crafts and hot tub nights.
  10. Buy wine.
  11. Make an appointment for a massage to use up the gift card from last Christmas.
  12. Buy milk. Always need more milk for daycare. 
  13. Make appt. for nails. It's been three weeks girl. Your fill is soon to turn into a full set.
  14. Make a menu plan so I can lose 10lbs before he gets back.
  15. Just kidding on that last one. Sorta.
I'm home from the airport, and after a two hour delay and multiple phone calls to me while he waited on the tarmac, he's finally on his way to a warmer climate, and some manual labor his dad can't do after recent surgery. He's going to have some fun and so am I. 

But I still hope these two weeks fly by. Life's just not the way I want it when he's not here. 

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