About Me

Thank you for stopping by! I wish I could invite you over for coffee or tea, whichever you prefer, and serve you in my spacious kitchen or sit on the back deck. If we're lucky we may hear live music waft over from the nearby coffee shop or town park.  I'd give you a tour of my house and projects, and my cute lake town, boring you with stories of good deals and decorating dreams. We love having company, and you would be welcome! For now, since you are there and I am here, I'll just give you a quick peek into what makes me, me.

My name:
I'm Kristina. Joy.

Kristina means follower of Christ. I am. I do.

Joy. Well, what is joy, really? I like what CS Lewis once said, "God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing." Joy is rooted in truth, the truth of Christ. Joy is celebration and laughter. Joy is quietly happy, confident peace. Joy is found in relationship with the One who gives it. Joy is all this, no matter the circumstance. This is my walk: a journey of faith toward increased joy. Though I don't say it every day, that is my heart.

I am a twin. I am also a mom, wife, and friend to many. Blessed to be sure. A compassionate husband (also a twin!), three growing-up-too-fast kids.

Kristina and Robb, Mitchell, Megan and Madison, October 2011

March 2013

From Farm to Town:
In the summer of 2013 we left a spacious farm house surrounded by 200 acres and moved to my hometown a few miles away to a smaller house right smack dab in the middle of downtown. The next year we upgraded rentals and the following summer we moved AGAIN, buying our second home after renting for nearly ten. We are finally near all my favorite haunts: consignment shop, coffee shop, theater, bubble tea, antique store. Our town is growing so fast, an ALDI and Culvers, Starbucks and Dollar Tree just opened! It's quite different than the last seven years of living with gusty winds sweeping across open fields, sunrises, sunsets and waving corn fields, but we are adjusting and grateful for this charming town that perches atop a hill overlooking my favorite lake.

From Homeschooling to Charter School to Public School
I homeschooled my kids up until we moved to town, when finances forced us to send our three to a nearby charter school. It was a very difficult decision which I wept and prayed over, but we have all loved the change and God has been faithful to teach me that my hope is in Him, not in our educational choice. Our teens adjusted fabulously, love school, made friends quickly, and are doing well. As of 2017, they are ages 18,16,and 13. I stay home and provide licensed child care to a house full of littles.

January 2016

My faith: 
I used to define my Christianity by the things I didn't do. I followed the rules, loved Jesus. I’ve come to understand my righteousness is laughable- if God laughed at sin. I am bought with a price, and forgiven much. I seek truth as found in the Word of God, a book that holds the answer to my every question. Please, don’t think my life’s been perfect. I’ve needed Him every moment. And He’s not failed to bring me peace in uncertainty and replace my sorrow with joy. Walk with me as I share my adventure of following Christ.

What I blog about:
Faith, humble confessions of weakness, and God's revelations through them
Farmhouse decorating 
Thoughts on small gifts: Tuesdays Unwrapped
Answers to prayer: Filed Under Grace
and parenting and marriage and homeschooling and trips and pictures