Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Megan Moment:

She thought it was her turn to be highlighted on the blog!

 Megan is much like me.
She loves projects.
She loves making things.
She is persistent and will not give up
until I sit down with her and her project.
Which is why I bought this book:

Though I have a creative mind, I also have a busy mind,
and those creative juices that used to overflow the banks of my mind
are now as a stream struggling after a drought.
Today Megan pestered me for a project.
So I pestered back.
I insisted she finish her schoolwork.
And piano.
And lunch.
And I needed a break after lunch.

And THEN I grabbed the book
and we did our project:

This is a Feel-Good Box;
To be opened only when we are in particular need
of  an emotional boost.
We are going to fill it with things that make us smile.
Robb's and my engagement photo.
Megan's grape lip gloss princess necklace.
(She says the smell calms her down!)
A small game.
A joke book.
And of course, Chocolate!
I think the box is lovely.
How about you?

p.s. Yes, I recently acquired Photoshop Elements from the PRIME office.
I wonder what other gems Robb has hiding there...

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