Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

I am creating an opportunity to share stories or pictures from your family that are a bit amusing or odd. They can be current or from ages ago. My goal is laughter. Lots of it!
The rules are simple. Post a Whimsical Wednesday entry on your blog and use the button above in your post. Link your post to mine and enter your blog address in the McLinky below. Then have fun reading others whimsical memories!

This is me.
Yes, it's real.
No photoshopping here!
I am NOT afraid to laugh at myself.
I am also not afraid to laugh at others.
When they are silly, of course.
But today is my day to be laughed at, so laugh away.
It is a hideous picture.
Especially with my eyebrows raised.
Never mind the rollers or the cheesy grin.
I hate to see pictures of myself with my eyebrows raised.
It's frieky scary and not at all the picture of a quiet and gentle spirit.
But I guess I could never claim that biblical goal as one I've mastered.
Not sure if I ever will.
Oh well.
At least I've got the smile thing down.
And laughter.
I've got that down too.
Sometimes at inappropriate times.
But this was not an inappropriate time.
This was my twin sister's wedding.
  It was a happy happy day for me as I married my sister off to a great guy.
And that is wonderful cause for joy and laughter.
And a good bit of sisterly fun!

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Leah said...

What a great idea! I hope to play along soon! And I love your picture, looks like a advertisement. :)