Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I didn't do and what I did

Some friends and I threw my sister
a fabulous baby shower this last weekend
and I just have to share a few pictures!

Anitra made this darling diaper cake.

Courtney decorated.

 Kimberly and Courtney made yummy food.


After knitting thousands of caps for the babies born at St. Mary's
Grandma made one more for a special great-grandbaby!

My sister appropriately decorated a onesie with music notes.
(duh! she's a music major!)

I did not have any burdensome responsibilities
for this lovely shower,
which proved to be providential since
Mads was sick the entire week.
Thankfully her fever broke the morning of the shower,
allowing me to feel somewhat less guilty
leaving her with a babysitter!

I did not cook.
I did not decorate.
I provided...
{dramatic pause}
..chocolate and nuts!
Oh, the sacrilege!
I've lost myself!
Ahhh, my creative days have waned,
though I'm sure they'll return again soon....
when I have a few moments to myself
and my creative thoughts are not interrupted
by the sound of the piano banging
or children wrestling.

I did, however, become the event's photographer.
I guess I'm not a lost creative cause after all.

Congratulations Sara! Can't wait to meet your little one!

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smr said...

Hey, you bought plates and cups and napkins, too. :P Give yourself a break. When I was helping with your showers I didn't have three kids. :)