Wednesday, May 5, 2010

School in the Summer?

So, we home school. You knew that, right?

Yesterday, a package came in the mail. I've been planning our summer curriculum, because, yes, we do school in the summer. But not full fledged, math, language arts, spelling, history, science, handwriting, art, full schedule kind of school. I'm not a glutton for punishment.

We choose to do science in the summer. And any smart homeschooling family would too. After all, you can't really do bark rubbings, leaf comparisons and worm habitats when it's -20 F outside and the ground is covered in two feet of snow, now, can you?

Yes, I am brilliant. We do science in the summer.

So I've been trying to decide what books to use. What to do. We already went through my favorite-so-far elementary science book. Considering God's Creation. Seriously. Every project fits into a three ring binder. That was awesome considering my aversion toward a house cluttered by a gazillion messy, ugly kid creations and my abhorrence for Sunday School papers. Yes, I love those three ring binders.

But we finished it. So now what?

I considered Apologia. My younger sisters loved that curriculum. And it even has an elementary series now. But after careful consideration, and the advice of friends who have used it, I decided to hold off. Maybe next year.

             Then I found this.                                                                      And this.

And a book of nature crafts in my bookshelf that I must have picked up at a garage sale last year.

So we are going to have fun learning about bugs and animals this summer. With a few creative and messy projects (to be done outside, duh) thrown in. Our garden will serve as a wealth of education as well.

I am convinced that the best thing I can do for my kids education is to cultivate a love of learning. And I think these books will do the trick.

Even if you don't home school, (and I'm not being compensated to say this) these are still great books to add to your library. Last night, we read two chapter of Mrs. Gatty's book and we learned about butterflies and ants. My children loved the stories and wanted me to keep reading.