Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Season


 The wind rustles the dead stalks as they bang against each other. The clatter is quiet, yet the air fills with the sound. Though the earth is wet from rain, they are dead. Their season is past. They defy the life of the water.

They give their life for the harvest.

The leaves too, give a last shout, in denial of what is to come, a red and orange and yellow party as they fade to brown. They served a purpose and the shade they gave is gone. Their death has come too, leaving a skeleton. Rain, the cleansing tears, breaks the last  thread clinging to what was or what they planned to be, stripping all away to the ground.

A certain kind of death comes to us all.

Seasons come.
They should.
They will.
It's good.

But sometimes it feels we are just a skeleton left standing bare for all to see our nakedness and life is a messy pile at our feet.

Then the snow comes, the horizon is shimmering, blinding whiteness, against our black thin form. What we are is revealed against His glory, and there is a broken beauty in the barrenness.

And if we don't let go of what was, or still focus our gaze on what is right now,  we will never see the vision of what is to come.

 One stubborn bloom on dead wood in autumn

Spring will come. Rain will bring life once again. The wind will blow promises. And the autumn and winter of soul will be but a memory.

Take heart friends.

This is only a season.

Sharing today for Bigger Picture Moments and Imperfect Prose.


Thisheavenlylife said...

Ahhh. The peacefulness left behind after reading this post is wonderful.

I love knowing that growth and life naturally follows the brittleness of dead seasons. Thanks for this post :)

kati said...

This is great imagery! I especially like the idea of the dead harvested stalks and the browning leaves knowing that it's time to move on - 'defying the life of the water'!

MamaB said...

What a beautiful way to look at the seasons. Thank you for linking up with us, I hope you'll be back tomorrow for the start of Write Pink!

Alittlebitograce said...

thank you. i keep forgetting that the seasons will change, new life will come again. i needed this reminder. your pictures are beautiful. my favourite was the winter scene. snow/ice covered trees are my favourite.

HyacynthW said...

Oh, goosebumps, because this is such Truth. Sometimes I feel naked for the cause, exposed and bare and vulnerable. But that is a life of authenticity for a greater purpose ... for His greater purpose. Beautiful and wonderful post, K.!

That Crazy Mommy said...

So lovely! Sometimes its hard to remember with all the changes that "its good" but I know it is right!

HyacynthW said...

I think I get you because we're both seeking to really "get" Him. {And probably because we both totally super cool, too. ;) }

in the hush of the moon said...

oh, i am so glad you linked. i haven't read prose like this in awhile... absolutely beautiful writing. there were so many lines i liked... but you brought tears with: But sometimes it feels we are just a skeleton left standing bare for all to see our nakedness and life is a messy pile at our feet.

a stunning piece. i am adding you to my blog-roll. and i hope you'll join us next week, friend. peace to you, e.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Such a gorgeous post! The combines swept through today and the day's activities buzzed right along with them.

Also, that picture with the blue barn and empty corn cribs is drop dead beautiful!