Monday, June 28, 2010

Corn Crib Pavillion and Robb's 40th Birthday Party

Robb has always said he does not like a big to-do about his birthday. This year he changed his mind. Maybe it was because he turned 40. Maybe it's his way of having a mid-life crisis. Whatever the reason, I got busy planning a BIG party on the farm.  I'm fine with that kind of crisis!

In fear of rain or hot sun, and in need of some sort of shelter, we brain-stormed, almost rented a tent, and in the end, necessity and frugality birthed a great invention. We converted the corn crib into a rustic pavilion.

I scavenged windows we have just removed from the barn for a renovation we are undertaking, begged old sheets off my mom to be used as curtains and table-clothes, poked around some more for makeshift conduit curtain rods, discovered old barn doors just asking to be used as tables, vacuumed the walls (yes, I did!), gathered jars and flowers

and re-purposed the old milk-parlor-bulk-tank-room sink. I joked that we even had our own "water feature" as the ice melted, dripping down the drain into buckets.

For entertainment, the kids swam in the pool, played volleyball or nuke-em, and ladder golf. And when we have a pool party with lots of children invited, we attempt to keep all wet towels and bodies out of the house.

So, of course we needed a:

complete with lockers.

Midway through the day, the girls claimed this space for their own, kicking the boys out to change in the rented outhouse. Who knew this room would evolve into a playroom?

Everyone had a great time. We were extremely relieved because we've had a wet couple of weeks and the mosquitoes had just hatched. I cannot begin to tell you how awful they were and how worried it made it us about this party. We were swarmed. The hum would not go away. We were afraid to even go outside. It was not funny.

Robb pouted and prayed and I tried to be positive that the forecast was for wind and sun and surely that would help.

In the end I was right. But Robb was true to nature and sprayed the entire lawn and shrubs with a mixture of Lemon Joy dish soap and Lemon Ammonia (mosquitoes don't like the smell of lemon) just to make sure those buggers did not bug us or our friends. They stayed away until dusk and by then most of our friends were gone anyway. BigSighofRelief.

My sister Laura and niece Victoria (daughter of Sara).

The Hendrys

Our longtime babysitter, Hannah, and her littlest sister, JennaRose

We ended the day sharing fireworks with the two families remaining of our nearly 60 guests.

I am now in love with this outdoor room and can't wait to host our next farm party!

P.S. I've linked this post to DIY Day over at A Soft Place to Land, and I've added a link to today's post, too. 07/20/10 ~KJ