Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Barn Renovation: Before

See the little "house" protruding from the barn?  This building has been our most recent project. And by "our" I mean Robb and his friends that have have been hired to do all the work. This is to be Robb's space and I have been banned from even suggesting paint colors. Thankfully Robb has excellent taste and I am pleased with how the project is coming together. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

The main part of this space, the room with three windows, housed the milk room, the place where all the milk was stored in a huge stainless steal tank until a truck came to pick it up. If the calendar on the wall was any indication, it hadn't been used for it's intended purpose since 1993.

The door on the left opens to a storage space that is butted up next to the silo. You may remember we used this space as a temporary locker room for Robb's birthday party. A hallway leading to the cow stalls, still complete with name plaques for cows that were called Pizza, Lollipop, Bonbon, & Sowflake)  separated the silo room from the milk room.

The second level? Well, I'm not sure of the original purpose of that space. It only had a floor the breadth between the little windows, and a tiny, crawl through door leading into it from the hay loft.  When we saw it, and how easy the ceiling above the milk room would be to remove, our imaginations were captured and we began to dream of what this space could become...

Stay tuned for answers to questions like, "What's it to become? Aren't you a little crazy to remodel a rented space? I thought you sold your business; why do you need an office now? What colors did Robb choose anyway?"

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Highly, highly intrigued, I am!!