Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barn Renovation - June/July (Part 2)

As we looked at the structure and available space and thought about our options, we began to get excited. Envisioning a heated office/man-cave with access to all our business inventory in the barn, we contacted our landlady, discussed what we hoped to accomplish, and she was all for it. We love her family, they tolerate us kindly, *cheesy grin* so it's a great arrangement for everyone!

We have a good relationship; I have the ladies out for tea, Christmas visits, and photo shoots in the woods. They are welcome anytime. I love to hear the stories of the girls growing up together in this house, and all the history of the farm. And they love to share! We have a mutual love of these acres, and they are satisfied to see kids enjoying the farm. 

So, with their blessing, we began.

First the interior wall board was removed, along with the ancient insulation, wiring, drop ceiling and plumbing. The windows were removed, and the last thing to come out was the beast of a milk bulk tank. Much thought was given to the process of removing it, as it had to be lifted a few feet off the floor and slid on runners out the window. Without denting it. Because who wants a dented milk tank? All that shiny-ness marred? No thank you. Forget that it now sits in a storage building. It must not be harmed!

The bulk milk tank is removed.Without so much as a scratch. Thank goodness.

Of course, a renovation is never completed without the unexpected appearing. In our case it was a sporadically rotten support structure. Worse in some places than others, many of the boards needed replacing. We reused boards as we were able.

We also intended to reuse the siding, but as it was pulled off, much of it splintered or crumbled. New siding was in our future. But that was OK. It gave Robb the perfect opportunity to discuss the merits or lack thereof to pre-painting siding.

Larger windows were framed and purchased,  an interior wall was removed, and the project moved right along, notwithstanding a mosquito plague.  

 New support walls to replace rotten boards.

Things were looking up, and then we sold our business...
Barn : Before (Part 1)

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